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A dynamic & exceptional leader with a vision to help others channel their inner motivation, find balance and achieve their dreams through his revolutionary 3I formula!

Author The 3I Effect Book
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Abhishek Agarwal

Having led multiple successful and large organizations over the last 20 years, Abhishek believes that leadership and innovation require a set of impeccable values that are to be respected and followed at all times. He abides by a code of conduct that not only guides them in challenging times but also helps to keep the fire of passion and motivation burning. He follows a set of principles based on The Rule of 3 I's. They are Intent, Integrity, and Intelligence.

His life has been thoroughly aligned with this philosophy and in all personal and professional interactions, he follows this rule. When an individual works collectively on these three frameworks, they can easily maneuver the tumultuous waters of life.

In addition to that, his vision has always been to serve people. As an entrepreneur, he served the technological world with innovation, but his bigger duty has always been towards his team. He instills faith, confidence, and excellence in his team and people around the world. He aspires to be a medium whose life experiences can help the younger generations to achieve personal and professional milestones. He has also served as a mentor for numerous professionals who have now established stellar organizations of their own or are leading companies excellently.

His future objectives are consistently evolving with time and one of his long-term goals is to make Judge India one of the best-loved organizations in the country. In terms of personal goals, he aspires to help as many professionals as he can and use his expertise to consistently innovate when it comes to deriving solutions and inspiring others.


  • The book deals with the practical aspect of things and explains how to apply the Success Mantra at various stages of life. Anyone who aspires to live a successful, wholesome, and happy life should read this book for various reasons, the first being that great leaders are devoted readers.
  • It also emphasizes the importance of building and harnessing emotional intelligence. The 3I Formula is not only about being the best employee or an exemplary student, but also about an individual that inspires the upcoming generation to create geniuses, and fans the sparks of innovation.
  • The book gives pertinent ways to combat the problems and prove one's worth as a stellar student, employee, and spouse with the help of the 3I formula- Intent, Intelligence, and Integrity.
  • This book is written with the motive to solve the staggering problem of inaction and gears the readers to channel their inner motivation to lead the well-rounded and successful life that they dream of.